100 Episodes Of Mann ki Baat | PM Modi| Prime Minster Of India

NEW DELHI: Addressing the 100th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, an emotional Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the radio broadcast had allowed him to worship the positives in people he had met with or spoken to. He also said it filled the “emptiness” that he felt when he first moved to the capital from Gujarat in 2014. Stating that the broadcast was not just a program but a “matter of faith and spiritual journey” for him, Modi described ‘Mann Ki Baat’ as a great medium to learn from the qualities of others, adding that it allowed him to connect with the people of the country as he used to when he was Gujarat chief minister.

“After coming to Delhi in 2014, I found that life here was very different. The nature of the work is different, the responsibility is different, and one is bound by circumstances, the rigors of security, and time limits. In the initial days, something felt different, there was an emptiness. Fifty years ago, I did not leave my home just to find one day it would be difficult to contact the people of my own country. The very countrymen who are my everything… I could not live separated from them. Mann Ki Baat gave me a solution to this challenge, a way to connect with the common man,” the PM said.

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